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Fun Activities at Lake Eola Park

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Lake Eola Park is one of the best places to visit in Orlando. The park is located in Downtown in Orlando, FL. The lake is a famous attraction which brings thousands of tourists who come to enjoy the natural scenery and also take part in recreational activities. The beautiful park provides an exciting experience for kids and adults. It is undoubtedly the best place in the city where you will feel delighted to spend some hours.  Various free and paid recreational activities are offered at the Lake Eola Park. Here are some of the best activities you should try out;

Paddleboat riding

One of the most exciting and enjoyable experiences at the park is taking part in the paddleboat riding. Beautiful paddles boats for hire are provided on the shores of the lake. The prices for getting boats are very affordable. You are charged for the time you spend on the boats.  The boat rides are fun for kids and adults as well. The average prices for boat riding are $15 for a 30 minute rental. You can check out for more affordable boat rentals. The boats are available all year round. The Park is pet-friendly, and you can bring your pet with you.

Visiting the Amphitheater

The Walt Disney Amphitheater is a spectacular destination fond in downtown Orlando. Visitors touring the city come to the famous Walt Disney amphitheater where kids can play in the enclosed facilities that are safe. Different performances are often brought to the amphitheaters for entertainment. In the day you are visiting, you can get the event schedules and see artists who are expected to perform. Performances include live music bands, plays, and screening of plays.

Eating, Drinking, and Shopping

The establishments around the park are designed for visitors. Amazing meals are prepared in the urban restaurants found in this location. For the tastiest steaks, burgers and all meals, you can get them from the restaurants. Establishment on night-clubs in the location also allows people to enjoy the amazing nightlife in the city. Visitors who wish to spend the night partying in the city, they have a variety of night bars and clubs where they can party.

Sunday’s Downtown Farmers Market

Getting the freshest grocery supplies is the epitome of any visit. The market opens on Sunday from 4.00 am to 4.00 pm. it is impressive to check out the supplies offered in the market. Vendors showcase different food products to buyers at very affordable prices. Besides the food staff and groceries, vendors also offer the best jewelry, plants, and handmade items. Check out for the most exciting items to buy when you visit the park.

Photography and nature walks

Finding the most spectacular points in the city where you can walk in a quiet and cool park is very refreshing. The park is encircled with a 1-mile path which is very beautiful and cool. Many amazing spots such as the famous octagonal Sperry Fountain, beaches, and green lawns are perfect sites for photography. Taking professional photographs will capture the beauty of the park.…

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Five Factors to Consider When Booking a Hotel

Regardless of the place, you are traveling to; choosing a hotel to stay can be overwhelming. Hotels offer many different opportunities and settling for the best can pose a significant challenge. Don’t panic or exhaust yourself while at it-here are main factors you should consider when booking one:

1. Award Redemption levels

Most travelers always start up by searching for the major hotels with several chains. You can begin by comparing their redemption levels to understand, which the best option is. Choose one that will suit you perfectly. You can check up those offering flexible terms on credit cards rewards to reduce pocket costs when you stay in a hotel that isn’t involved in the vital reward programs. The best means to find this is by checking online and using filters to zero in on your options.

2. Location

Location of the hotel is crucial when you are in the process to decide which one you will book. Picking one that has a central location is the best. This means that it lies in an area where you can access restaurants, public transport, sights, activities and shopping with ease. Hotels that have great locations cost more regarding cash and points, but they help you save money and time as you move around the city.

3. Amenities

Some people do attach importance to some facilities than others. If you have kids to travel with, kid’s activities and a pool can be significant. If you are one of the wild fitness fanatics, having a gym in that hotel will be paramount in your list. If you’re among the business travelers, the hotel’s lounge might be the most important amenity to you. It’s advisable that you find out the facilities available in a hotel before your travel so that you can book one that fulfills your requirements. This will ensure that your stay in the hotel will be comfortable.

4. Elite status

A hotel that has an elite status can improve your experience while staying at the hotel. It might not make an enormous difference if you are traveling alone, but if you are in a group, it’s more convenient if you get a better, bigger room, free breakfast for all and access to the club lounge. It can be incredibly easy to find a hotel’s elite status, so chances of most travelers out there getting levels of state in significant hotels through the hotel’s vital rewards programs. It’s worth it checking such benefits and factor them in as you make you’re booking choice.

5. Bonus point promotions

This is not one of the huge factors, but it’s worth it that you consider the hotel’s lucrative promotions as you book your stay. Some may offer very high bonus points every time you stay in their hotel. The points can be of help to you if travel back to the hotel when your financial abilities aren’t as high, you can redeem your points to enjoy your stay without paying much.

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